Serverless Guru Joins Serverless as a Development Partner

Jul 11, 2019

Serverless is proud to announce that Serverless Guru has joined its Partner Program. As one of the first serverless consulting companies, Serverless Guru brings in a level of experience that is hard to match. Their Serverless experts are driven to deliver business solutions to their clients with as little overhead as possible. They break tasks into small chunks and through writing infrastructure as code, they’re giving clients self-documenting value that they can then take and develop on their own as they choose fit.

“The team at Serverless Guru is truly embracing the Serverless way of doing development and getting terrific results. They’re able to deliver results to their clients quickly and reduce the total cost of ownership for those applications dramatically.”

With this partnership in place, Serverless Guru will be able to work more closely with Serverless Inc. on delivering solutions for its customers. The two companies will collaborate on training and supporting customers as well as building out further functionality into Serverless Framework. 

"Serverless has played a key role in accelerating application development for our team and as a result provided an unmatched level of value to our clients. Since the inception of Serverless Guru, we've been focused on providing as much value as possible to our clients and selecting tools which further that mission. By making Serverless our first choice, we've been able to build application infrastructure at lightning speed and shift the majority of our energy and focus on helping our clients build great products."

Learn more about how Serverless Guru and Serverless work together to deliver on customer needs in this case study.

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